Some of the best and wisest home improvement projects range from improving

your own house to remodeling a house for selling it on real estate

market. No matter what the project is the homeowners must be cautious

enough to plan to improve specific areas which add value to their home.

High on the list of improvement projects should be: Garage, Kitchen and

Bathroom, Lighting, Flooring, New Fixtures. On top of the major

projects one should plan on taking care of the more housekeeping type of

projects like repainting the house interior & exterior. Some of the home

improvements which are going to add the most in value to the house are

going to be the following.


Check all the lighting inside the house and replace the old incandesant bulbs

with the new types of energy efficient bulbs. Of course it doesn’t make sense

to invest money in new bulbs and put them in the old outdated light fixtures.

So do the job right and purchase some new stylist fixtures.

Basement & Garage:

Redoing and or finishing the basement and garage areas to make them into

modern comfortable living areas can be one of the easiest and most

economical projects to tackle. The square foot price to finish a basement is

far less then adding new space to the main floor.

Deck Space:
Upgrading the porticos and empty places to create deck space is not only

going to add value but also increase the livability for all homeowners. Deck

space can include flower pots, seating and everything that will be needed to

enjoy killer Bar-B-Que. Decks are an ideal space usage to add to the cozy

effect of spending more time on the deck for nothing more then relaxation.

Efficient Windows:
Adding new energy efficient windows will only save on the electricity

bill during hot and cold seasons. With the advent of new technologies,

new window designs are pretty easy to install and add to the benefits of

increasing natural light illumination inside the house.

Remodeling the Kitchen is one of the more important home improvements

to invest in. The kitchen is the heart of any family home. Upgrade the kitchen

cabinets to an up to date color and style. Then add a new backsplash new

fixtures new lighting and the remodeled kithen by itself is enough to make a

whole new house. If you go ahead and add or replace appliances with new

energy efficient appliances like microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators

and are planning on selling the place, prospective buyers might not even

want to see the rest of the house, if you have done it right. A great place to 

find all the materials and tools that might be needed for all of these home

improvements is at your local Lowes store.

Adding bathrooms if there is any extra space available in a house is always

a good move. Nothing wrong in having an extra bathroom for family or guest

use. If the house is mutiple stories it is always prudent planning to have an

extra bathroom where people are going to be spending time in groups so as

to meet thebathroom needs that can arise at any time.


Upgrade the landscaping with fresh flower plants and shrubs which is

going to add a colorful natural aspect to the overall sense of the house.

Just make sure hat the landscaping is going to be as maintenance free as

possible to fit with the area.

Living Room:
A living or great room is an area people spend a lot of time in and very

important when it comes to home improvements. So upgradeing the sofa

sets, arts, painting, window linens, pendant lighting and fresh plants to

improve the look of living room. 

Solar Room:
A latest trend is to have solar rooms in the terrace which would

provide incentives from local authorities for using solar energy for

daily use. This can be tailored for use in both summer and winter

seasons for optimum usage ultimately reducing the energy bills.

Some of the attractive appliances would be to upgrade to heated floors,

a frameless shower, some granite counters, cozy cabinets, double paned

windows, a new efficient water heater and or furnace, electric panel,

water pumps, cleaned up water tanks and sumps, polished railings, fresh

coat painted doors and windows which adds valueable home improvements.

Disaster Ready:
Most homeowners should be prepared for any and all natural and man made

disasters like hurricanes, floods, monsoon, power outages etc. It’s always better

to stock up items like gas, water, batteries, hurricane panels, generators,

plywood, power tools and few quick fix tool sets which enabled homeowners

to wade through the disasters and survive.

Home Gym:
We are living in an age when everyone is stressed out rushed for time and being pulled

apart from both ends. Exercise is an important activity that will make a difference not

only in ones health but how well they can cope with the stress and demands of every day

life. For many homeowners that can set aside a few square feet or maybe a portion of a

room a home fitness gym is an excellent investment not for the house but for the health

and happiness of the occupants of the home.

Home office:
With more and more people being able to telecommute and work from home a good

proper work space and office is a very good home improvement. Find an area or room

that can modified at little expense and redesign it with the needed accessories to make a

workable, productive work area. Update or bring in the needed cabling so as to be able

to take advantage of the highest speed internet provided in your area.